Flea & tick: how to treat and protect your dog?


Posted on: November 14, 2016

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Flea, these nasty blood-sucking insects that are not noticed, not only pose a hygiene problem, but can also transmit dangerous diseases to the four-legged animals. The problems caused by a flea infestation are itching, exemas, weight loss, anemia, allergic reactions to flea saliva and the fact that dog fleas are intermediate hosts of tapeworms. Regularly protect your pet against parasites is essential for his health. There are many solutions (pipettes, sprays, shampoos, collars …) to treat your pet against dog fleas and ticks.Moreover, when flea infestation, treatment of housing is needed, you will find here all anti flea and tick for dogs effective and responsive.It is in summer that the parasites are most numerous from late April until the end of November. However, in houses where the temperature is favorable, they are a problem all year. Dog fleas thrive in this period. Apply preventive treatment on your dog before leaving on vacation, especially in the South of France. Ticks pose a real danger for the dog (transmission of piroplasmosis in the great southern half of France, of Lyme disease in the Northeast, of ehrlichiosis in southern and Corsica). It is important to treat your dog against ticks and remove ticks installed. Chiggers are the larvae of mites that attach to the dog’s skin to feed. Their presence causes severe itching. Their orange color is characteristic. They form crusts in places where the skin is thin (inner thighs, between fingers, on the ears, behind the elbows …). To eliminate them, they must use the same anti-parasitic for ticks.Mosquitoes can be dangerous for the dog. Their sting is unpleasant and sometimes the dog scratching to the point of damaging the skin. Mosquitoes can also transmit in the dog two serious diseases present in the South of France: Leishmaniasis and heartworm disease. The danger zone is formed by the coastline from Perpignan to Nice. Prevention is to avoid being bitten by sand flies: Just put the dog if possible in the house before sunset, do not leave windows open at night (or use a mosquito net), protect the house with insecticides and apply a preventive on the dog.The largest selection of anti-parasitic Dog: Pipettes for dog fleas – dog fleas spray for dogs – dog fleas shampoo for dogs – flea collar for dogs – Dog Tick Hook – Anti-flea home – Wormer for dogs – Anti-flea bio Natural Dog

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