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Preschool Puppy Training (Part 1): The Leash & Collar

Because all of your puppy’s formal obedience training will be accomplished with the assistance of a leash and a training

Puppy Problems: Quick Tips To Prevent Barking, Biting & Chewing

Early training can prevent common puppy behavior problems such as barking, biting, chewing and jumping up on people, and can

Puppy Problems: Quick Tips To Prevent Jumping & Walking Issues

Jumping up is one of these puppy behaviors that some people encourage but others deplore. There’s no doubt that being

Puppy Training – All Nipping Should Be Eradicated By The Age Of 15 Weeks

Your puppy should not be displaying a biting or nipping problem once he reaches the age of 15 weeks or

Puppy Training: Do You Have The Heart To Discipline Your Puppy?

Training a new puppy can be a heartbreaking experience for just about anyone that has a conscience. This helpless and

Puppy Training – How To Control Nipping & Biting

One thing you can count on when bringing home a new puppy is the fact that he will nip and

Loose-Leash Training: The Most Effective Way To Train Your Dog (Part 5)

A final tip to help you with loose-leash training your dog is about helping your dog to walk in a

Obedience Training: Not Just For Show Dogs

The time is now for the public to understand that obedience training is not just for pure bred show dogs

Off-Leash Training (1)

For those of you with dogs that are trained to heel accordingly, you are ready to make the transition into

Off-Leash Training (2)

The “Stay” Command Using The “B” Line While executing the “Stay” command while the “B” line (five-foot long nylon line