The Benefits of Having Small Dog Breeds?


Posted on: March 14, 2016

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I am married for 3 years now and we don’t have baby yet. My husband and I decided to have a pet to add happiness into our house. Small dog breeds is really amazing. Their happiness is really communicable. My dog’s name is Mimi. Mimi catches our heart from the day we decided to have her as a new member of our family. Having her for 5 months now, makes me realized some benefits of having small dog breeds rather than the big ones. 1.They are easy to hold. Mimi is very sweet. Every time I watch Television, she also sits with me in one chair. It makes me feel of having a baby. 2.Easy to walk with. I am not afraid of having a walk with her because I can handle even without the company of my husband. 3.I was able to meet new friends. Every time I walk with my small dog breeds, somebody will say “You’re dog is very cute!” Then, it was the start of the conversation. Big dogs usually make people afraid. 4.Easy to take a bath. Small dogs can be easily taking a bath in a tub. I don’t have to worry of getting mess because they are manageable. Big dogs usually being bath with a professional groomer. 5.Can be dress. I am really enjoying in buying and dressing up Mimi. It looks like she also enjoys it and thankful every time I buy one. It also helps her to get warm during cold season. 6.Can sleep with you. I was amazed waking up one night that Mimi is already with us in the bed. She slept at our feet. Really having fun with her. 7.Easy to feed. I tried feeding Mimi the same food as I eat when I forgot to buy a dog food and she also appreciated it. Form that time on, I gave him the combination of the food I eat and the dog food. It less expensive. 8.Can be a good guard. Do not miscalculate the capacity of small dog breeds because they can bark louder than their size. They can also give you warning if there are strangers. 9.Can be carrying. I enjoy carrying Mimi in some of my friends ‘house. They are not threatened by my pet but entertain them. 10.According to studies, small dog breeds have longer life. So, I am expecting to have long life spent with our pet at home.

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